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People who are actually internet famous weird me out.

Last 6 months? Don’t you mean last 2 years?

31-years-old? Self-respecting dude? Please… just…

Okay I need to stop using that.

Anyway, I don’t really have strong feelings one way or the other about the vlog brothers other than it’s like any other typical famous youtuber full of JUMP CUTS EVERYWHERE.

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    I just like it cause goddamn it’s a very catchy song and I like it~
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    1. Holy crap I love when Hank does songs XD 2. I don’t give a fuck whether or not Hank is a brony, but I’m just gonna...
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    Anyone who is legit upset about the “Self respecting dude” line needs to step back and realize he spent the rest of the...
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    first off this isn’t really surprising, being that this whole thing started from nerds, and well, hank is a nerd. And...
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    I think the lyrics reflect what a lot of people think when someone says, “Hey you should watch My Little Pony.” And...
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  9. alllevelsatonce said: whats wrong with this tho its a cute song
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    See I think this half of the vlog brothers. Not so much the other half. Hank has a lot of enthusiasm and charisma, and I...
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    really i thought they were better than any outher famous youtube insted of flaunting it about they use it for good. nvm...
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